DDOS attacks use multiple bots to generate aggressive traffic in order to saturate a website.

There are 3 types of DDOS attacks:

1. Volumetric: Network saturation by mass transmission. Some network operators offer protection against this type of attack. The OGO SaaS platform integrates this protection as a component of its infrastructure. OGO Satellites are dependent on the hosting platform operator.

2. Protocol: Saturation of the platform in charge of managing incoming connection stacks (TCP, SSL, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2...). The OGO SaaS platform works as a "reverse proxy" and filters this type of attack. 

3. Application: Saturation of the service by concentrating traffic on "load points" (slow requests) or other weaknesses of the site. These are the most complex DDOS attacks to deal with because they cannot be detected by low-level algorithms like the two previous types of attacks. The OGO platform (SaaS and Satellites) offers effective protection through its Smart Rate-Limiting (SRL) algorithms.

Here is the overview table summarizing OGO coverage by type of attack:


DDOS Attack type


OGO Satellite

Volumetric Attacks


Depend on Customer Hosting Infrastructure.

Protocol Attacks


OGO provides a protocol  layer protection (SSL & HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/2)

But the Customer load balancing infrastructure in front of OGO may be exposed.

Application Attacks