Once you've added a website into Ogo, you'll have to switch your DNS in order to make your traffic pass through Ogo.

⚠️ Before starting

Be sure to get ready for the DNS switch.


Example with OVH

You'll receive a mail explaining how to do the DNS Switch. You can also retrieve theses instructions in the bottom band in your website settings :



In your Domain Names settings in OVH,

Chose the concerned website, go to DNS Zones tab, and follow mail instructions.

In this example, we'll switch the www. domain on the OGO SaaS Cluster (p1-ogo.ogosecurity.com.).

You'll have to delete the existing www A / CNAME record, and recreate a new CNAME record for www targetting p1-ogo.ogosecurity.com. :

Once done, you can wait our automatic scheduled DNS discovery on recently added websites, or click on the website's refresh button in the Settings page.

It will detects the DNS Switch and run a Let's Encrypt generation if you didn't upload your own certificate. A Let's Encrypt generation lasts around 1 minute.

Each device will be sensible to DNS propagation. You can check world DNS propagation with this tool

You can also flush your device DNS cache in order to accelerate the propagation on your computer.


How can I check this is working ?

There are multiples ways to find out that the DNS switch worked :

- You should see logs in My Logs, or you should see counters increasing in Dashboard. It means that users resolve your website through Ogo.

- If you chose a Let's Encrypt certificate, you should see a Let's Encrypt certificate delivered this day from your web browser, by clicking on the padlock.

- You can use dig or nslookup command in your terminal. You should see the returning result pointing on Ogo address.


What's next ?

Find out below our article on the hardened mode that we recommend.