You can find this feature in the "URL Rewrite" tab of a site's configuration.

This feature can be useful to simplify URLs that are too complex for your users.

Destination path is a RE2 regular expression.

Rewrite rules are all applied in sequence.

Simple use :

Example: reduce /foo-admin-bar to /admin :

With this rule, will return - without redirection - the content of the page


Advanced use with capture group :

You can use capture groups (regular expression in brackets) to capture fragments of URLs and order them as you want:

Here, the $1 will be substitute by the first capture group (.*).

You can test it in the tester :


Identify a rewrite rule in "My Logs":

In "My Logs", you can find a request that has matched a rewrite by an "R" badge.


Don't forget to activate the rule with the toggle button!